The American Drama Series by Jack Eadon

The American Drama Series by Jack Eadon

Head Trip by Jack Eadon

Head Trip

Marcus Ramsay begins his womb-to-tomb adventure as a one-in-40,000,000 super twin who should have never been born!

“A thriling ride!”      “A fantastic and rivoting read!”

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A Consequence of Greed by Jack Eadon

A Consequence of Greed

As a young executive, Marcus is transferred to Texas, where he uncovers mysterious details surrounding the decade-old death of the company’s founder.

Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (8/14) Article first published as Book Review: ‘A Consequence of Greed’ by Jack Eadon on Blogcritics. “A Consequence of Greed” by Jack Eadon really knocked my socks off! For lovers of a good mystery, this book really engaged my mind and entertained me as well. I have read “Head Trip” and now “A Consequence of Greed” and I have to say I am officially a fan! Can’t wait to see what is next from Jack Eadon!"

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Latent Image by Jack Eadon

Latent Image

When Marcus changes careers and moves, he helps a hand model bring her dead sister back to life with surprising results.

June, 2017

The Charm from Delhi by Jack Eadon

The Charm from Delhi

When a misguided college friend needs help, Marcus visits and helps him deal with the effects of an ancient charm of karma, starting a cosmic voyage.

June, 2018

Gigolo On the Row by Jack Eadon

Gigolo On the Row

Marcus remarries and moves to Kansas City. Suddenly he has to deal with his new wife’s secret life, a neighbor’s spousal abuse, and a murder on his block—all connected!

June, 2019

Laceys Day by Jack Eadon

Laceys Day

The burgeoning Internet offers Marcus a respite from what has been a depressing love life. Via email, he finds the soul mate he’s been looking for, flies to meet her, and gets a surprise!

June, 2020

The Armstrong Solution by Jack Eadon

The Porch

Marcus is older now … and alone. As he sits in his rocker, he reflects on a lifetime of adventures and reveals magical secrets that were never shared along the way.

June, 2021

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