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Line-up (left to right):

Tom Sievers (bass, vocals), Steve “Al” Yates (organ, vocals), Jack Eadon (guitar, vocals), Steve “Crow” Hilkin (percussion)

Published on Nov 24, 2012

"Khazad Doom was an obscure prog rock group that was ahead of its time, they were active from mid to late sixties, the recordings contained on "Encore" took place between 1968-1972. Contrasting the different styles of the two chief songwriters of Khazad Doom, the songs by Eadon are warm, compassionate, romantic, nostalgic and flow with beauty. Yates' songs are colder, darker, earthier and have melancholic depth. To fancifully draw on the lyrics of "Stanley's Visit to Kerkle Morff": Eadon is Stanley, the hippy, creative genius, dreaming of flying, and confounding the disbelievers by floating away amongst the Clouds; and Yates is King John, a fine and noble ally, a sovereign master upon a solid and secure throne. It is easy to imagine that the richness of Khazad Doom stems from the fusion of the two styles, and, as with any admirable band, credit also goes to Sievers and Hilkin. I know it's a cliché, but the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts is rarely truer than when accounting for the alchemy of bands.

There is an unforced manner to Khazad Doom, an aspect to them that is sincere and heartfelt. When contrasted to today's cynical music industry pap, Khazad Doom is summer wine to a thirsty traveller. Khazad Doom's music bears the corrosions of time. The music has admirers, and, as long as it is so, we may know there are pockets of taste, colour and compassion out there.

It is amazing that Khazad Doom didn't "make it", although, in a sense, they did."

by Jim Eadon.

"Khazad Doom made a name for themselves in Morton Grove, Illinois, during the early 70's with their unique style of progressive rock music, metaphorical lyrics, and stage presence. Their music was driven by pumping bass lines, dynamic Hammond swells, and multi-dimensional guitar work. On top of that, three of the four musicians contributed to beautiful 3-part vocal harmonies, and counterpoint."

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