THE HUNTERS a radio theatre production


WARNING: The following videos depict images of hunting. These images may cause an AWAKENING, nausea, and all the side effects listed on page 202 of your prescription drugs instruction manual. ** VIEW WITH CAUTION **

If you care to skip the gore of the "Reprise Performance", but want to see a cool radio production of The Hunters, start viewing the "Episodes" below in their entirety. It really turned out fun . . . and has voice overs and the music originally was recorded in 1970!

Peace, Jack Eadon

THE HUNTERS a radio theatre production

Introduction & Episode 1 The Awakening

Episode 2 Life is in the Trying

Episode 3 Bringing it to Life

ACT I - The Prelude

ACT II - In The Den

ACT III - The Golden Yellow Meadow

Episode 4 Save Our Beautiful Earth

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